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Ferrari, Lamborghini in Italy. Porsche, BMW in Germany. Where's your vehicle? My one is in Japan, our one in the U.S.A. If you ask us in India, you will hear from around the world. Can't hear the name of Sri Lanka? But it's time to hear the name of Sri Lanka. You know your name when you say Tesla, don't you? Elon Musk is a world-renowned sports electric car, conceived by the legendary billionaire. We also have our own sport electric car.

Our own engineers in Sri Lanka have made this car. This is a 100% Sri Lankan product. Proud, right?

If we talk about VEGA, it's made at Trade Expert City exclusively for Sri Lankan inventors. Our engineers in Sri Lanka are all involved in the design, electronics, software, and manufacturing of this car. The beauty and shape of this car make it look like it has the potential to compete with the world-renowned car. The CEO. The company was founded in 2000 and now has over 500 employees. Also, Vegas's creative director is Dr. Beshan Kulapala. He has 15 years of supervisory experience.

He is a former engineering manager of world-famous Intel® Corporation. This is a two-seater vehicle and this car is going to take less than four seconds to get from zero to zero. This car has a very high-quality braking system. The specialty of this vehicle is that the rear wheel can be controlled separately. The advantage of this is that the steering wheel has the right angle, and the accelerator is precisely the size of the pedal. Because of this method, this vehicle can be very fast and quite secure.

Both these batteries are powered by 3.3V Lithium Ferro-Phosphate batteries. There are 12 battery packs in this car with 50 cells in one battery. When using these batteries the temperature is too high. Then the efficiency of it is reduced. So there's a glycol cooling system to cool these batteries. This battery has a digital battery monitoring system to show us if a battery cell breaks down.

This means that if the battery of this car goes down safely, the battery pack can be turned off and the passengers safe. The next time you charge, pay special attention to those dysfunctional batteries. The Digital Battery Monitoring System can get these batteries for less money. Because the battery doesn't even have to turn on. The battery charger is on the inside of the vehicle, which can be fully charged in just four hours.

VEGA out there can be cheaper than Ferrari and Lamborghini. Also, the world is concerned about the super voodoo in our country. When a foreigner asks another Sri Lankan where the future of your vehicle is when you say Sri Lanka, the name of Sri Lanka will be spread around the world.

We will meet with another important new info.

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  1. Proud Sri Lankans. This is a great car and I very much appreciate those who worked hard to bring this pride to Sri Lanka.


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