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As a human living in a technologically advanced and globalized world, no one cannot live without a smartphone or without internet nowadays. A business is not just limited to communication but it has also expanded a lot through this internet. So you may be using different accounts to accomplish these kinds of internet-related tasks. So how do you remember username and password of each of those accounts? Perhaps you saved those login details in your web browser because it is difficult to remember all of your login usernames and passwords. But are you satisfied with the current state of the security of those saved login details?

So today I'm going to talk about how you can keep your login details very secure. To accomplish this, Mozilla Firefox has launched an Android App. It's the Firefox Lockwise App. With the help of this app/ using this way you can keep your login details secure with you wherever you go. Firefox has originally provided this app for iOS devices, especially for iPad devices. So their next step is to provide the same application for Android users with this facility and protect their information and provide a more secure and reliable service to their customers. Compared to the traditional password managers, Firefox Lockwise App is a simple app that can be easily accessed by saving the password in your Firefox web browser.

Login details whenever needed…

Imagine you are buying a product from Amazon. Unfortunately, you can't remember your Amazon account password. Often times, you will reset your account. Or guessing, using some password. This can cause your account to be temporarily blocked. With this Firefox Lockwise, you can save login details to your accounts and retrieve them at any time without any problem. Face ID and Fingerprint ID have been enabled to unlock this app. That's how you save your login details, sync between the devices through a 256-bit encrypted file transfer service. So the security of your information is high.

Login to any device…

The other advantage of Firefox Lockwise is the ability to auto-fill the username and password fields when logging in to an account. There, the login details saved in your Firefox desktop browser are transferred to your mobile phone. So you can do your logins on iOS and Android without this feature. To make Firefox Lockwise more effective, Firefox Desktop Browser has also introduced a separate Lockwise extension.

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