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Today there are fewer people who do not use Smart Phones and a higher the number of people uses Social Media. As a result, the number of fake accounts users has increased. Users are more than happy to upload photos and videos to social media as well as followers. With just one smartphone, you can only post one like/ comment at a time. But what if you use a lot of smartphones? You can get more Likes Comments and lots of Followers withing seconds.

Many have created Click Fraud Farms using a lot of smartphones so that they can increase Fake Likes, Comments, Fake Followers, Fake Subscribers and more. These videos can simultaneously increase videos views, trending videos, and increase comments. If you want to increase the number of Fake Followers you can pay and get 10K followers, 10K likes. A large number of such services are available in China. This can help you increase your social media accounts or make your account successful. Or you can deactivate an account through many reports. Some e-money sites can increase the number of references and even link to fake references. Also, when buying online you can use these farms for websites like Amazon and eBay to get fake reviews.

In many countries, people, institutions, and even political parties use such techniques to advance their views and break up opposition. You can increase your web site traffic by clicking on the web site and using the click farm to increase the SMS vote of the reality shows.

There are several problems with running a Click Farm. For example, say 100 phones are connected. These phones require charges and require cables and a USB hub to connect them. There are many phones, and as the temperature increases, so does the heat. AC is needed to create a cool environment. The phone is connected to a large number of phones, which makes the internet slow. It requires fast unlimited internet. The cost of maintaining the farm is high, but it can be made more profitable.

This, however, loses our ability to obtain truthful information. To know more about Click fraud go to the link below.

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