Why you should update whatsapp?

In the last few days, you may have heard of an unsafe WhatsApp call. It is no secret that many people are paying attention to it. Anyway, as it is currently reported, this can be described as one of the worst security bug in the history of WhatsApp. In response, WhatsApp has announced to its customers that it is best to update WhatsApp as soon as possible. So in this article, we will look further into this.

As mentioned earlier, information has been reported about a potential threat to WhatsApp through an unsecured call. According to WhatsApp, the hackers are able to access the data on his phone without his knowledge. WhatsApp has not taken any action in the past few days but has taken immediate action to look into the matter. They say that the best way to get rid of this threat is to update WhatsApp.

According to reports, the Israeli company has created the technology needed for this WhatsApp attack. Their purpose is to provide a mechanism for some countries to obtain the information of their citizens in secret. However, there are no reports yet on how successful and how widespread the attack has been.

While the details of this unknown WhatsApp call have been discussed by many, the most important thing at this point is to check whether our WhatsApp app is up to date or not. Whatsapp claims that the version of Whatsapp used on iOS platforms is 2.19.51, and WhatsApp version on Android platforms is 2.19.134 or later released, so that you can get rid of this vulnerability.

If there is someone who does not know what version of WhatsApp is used on their phone, let me briefly mention it. When you open WhatsApp, you will see that there are three dots in the right corner of the screen. From there go to Settings and select the Help option. Then select the App info option from the options available. This will display the version of WhatsApp that is currently in use on the phone.

Whatever the case may be, it is more important that we take steps to protect ourselves. So you're not late. If your WhatsApp version does not apply to the WhatsApp versions mentioned, don't forget to update your WhatsApp app now.


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