Google launches new devices for people with special needs

The world's new innovations make life easier for us. And it would be great if you could invent new things for people around us who have missed a moment. As human beings, it is our responsibility to ensure that no one is left behind in the technological world. So if we can create a little space on our road for people with special needs just like us…

Google I / O 2019 held every year was very successful this year. Some of the new projects that were of particular concern were designed for people with special needs. About 15% of the world's population has special needs. So for today, we are going to look at 3 technologies that are manufactured and manufactured.

1. Project Euphonia

This is a project that is still under investigation. This device has been introduced for people with speech disabilities. Using AI technology, computers are able to understand the vague voices of people with disabilities.

They have developed AI (Artificial Intelligence) -based algorithms that can detect the speech patterns of people with speech impairments and communicate their needs according to their communication needs. Sample voice recordings of a few disabled people have been made possible with the help of Spectrograms to help the AI ​​system detect these sounds meaningfully. Currently, this is limited to English speakers and the company needs Voice Samples to further develop this device.

If you are suffering from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or any speech impairment, you can help by using Voice Samples to improve these devices.

2. Live Relay

Let's take a look at this latest project specializing in people with hearing impairment. In a voice call, what the other person is saying is the text chat. You can also type what you want to tell a person with hearing impairment into a text. It is a text-to-speech, meaning that what is being typed is immediately turned into a voice so that the other person can hear.

It features Suggestions and Predictive Writing features that make it easy to answer the speed of a voice call.

Also, it does not require a data connection and can be used when anyone is calling or hearing a voice.

3. Project Diva

Diva, or DIVersely Assisted, is a new device. The main contributor was Google's engineer Lorenzo Caggioni. He first introduced this to his brother Giovanni, who is diagnosed with Down syndrome at the age of 21, to help him easily use Google Assistant for entertainment programs.

Google has made it easier for people with special needs to work with Google Assistant. Here, Google Assistant Commands are made possible with no voice. This new tool can be used to provide Commands to people with speech disabilities. This allows them to play music, videos, and movies as they wish through the simple commands of a button.

Google I / O 2019 Conference on some of the latest challenges in AI for Social Good (Google) It was published at the time.

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