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WhatsApp! Today, our lives are near impossible. According to reports, 4 out of every 5 smartphone users have been identified as WhatsApp users. However, it has been reported that the percentage of suspension of WhatsApp accounts has increased dramatically over the past year. This is why some people who have been aware of WhatsApp have published articles on world-famous websites in the past few days. So here are a few things you can do to share those...

Use illegal/ threatening words, attachments or links

Although most people don't pay much attention, WhatsApp is more than capable of identifying users who use illegal or threatening words and the associated attachments or links they try to send to someone else via WhatsApp. It is said that WhatsApp is able to suspend their WhatsApp account without any notice.

Creating and using fake WhatsApp Accounts

To be seen as someone else by any means is a punishable offense by law. Like other social media platforms, messaging platforms and WhatsApp, creating and using fake accounts is considered a waste of space. Therefore, WhatsApp is able to cancel these WhatsApp Accounts without any prior notice.

Using Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is a 3rd party app that is very similar to WhatsApp but not as secure as WhatsApp. It is reported that WhatsApp is trying to suspend the accounts of WhatsApp users with WhatsApp Plus accounts because it is not an App without the permission of WhatsApp. It is questionable how reasonable this is!

Send a large number of messages via WhatsApp to someone who is not on the Contact List

There are plenty of instances where some of us don't add some numbers to their contact list for various reasons. But WhatsApp considers such instances to be unnecessary harassment for an unknown person using WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp has been trying to ban accounts that have sent a lot of messages through WhatsApp to someone who is not on the contact list.

Trying to send a Virus or Malware through WhatsApp

Today, most people are familiar with e-mails, social media platforms and messaging apps to spread virus and malware. But WhatsApp is capable of detecting such Virus and Malware. Therefore, it is not surprising that Virus and Malware suspend their WhatsApp account if someone tries to send it via WhatsApp.

Trying to hack Whatsapp servers and steal someone else's personal information

Attempting to modify the WhatsApp source code, hacking WhatsApp servers, and attempting to steal someone else's personal information in any way or another may cause their WhatsApp account to be suspended without notice.

Here we have brought out some of the common reasons that cause a WhatsApp account to be canceled temporary or banned forever without any warning or any other prior knowledge. Besides, because many people report on a particular user or many users others block a user, that user's account can be canceled without any notice. Sometimes we hear about users of these platforms, as mentioned above, do suspicious activities just for fun and for financial gain, knowing it's wrong. WhatsApp has been working to suspend accounts for many reasons.

If you are a WhatsApp user and have read the Terms of Services carefully before you agree, you may be aware of this information. WhatsApp's right to suspend such accounts is also stated as follows in that agreement.

“We may ban accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Per our Terms of Service, we may retain the right to ban you without notification”.

But nowadays most people are accustomed to saying Terms of Services without agreeing to it. Take advantage of these services to benefit yourself and others MRI can get.

With another article, we will meet again. Till then don't forget to share this information with others as well…

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