Are you ready to explore the world with Wi-Fi 6?

These days, we are constantly hearing about various products and services that are set to hit the world in 2019. It was also rumored that the next wave of wireless technology would be launched this year. So, today we are here to share some information about WiFi 6 with you.

Ready to Explore the world with WiFi6? - INFOTECHD Group

What is this WiFi 6?

Until some time ago, the standard way of calling different WiFi versions was accepted as a rather user-friendly format. To solve this problem, it was decided to assign a number to different WiFi versions. So here is the 6th WiFi version that is going to be used in this way, which is called WiFi 6. The WiFi version is the same as the 802.11ax version.

What kind of service will WiFi 6 provide to customers?

WiFi 6 is reported to be 40% faster than the current WiFi 5. The reason this is so is that this version has high-efficiency data encoding. The ability to encode and decode chips while transmitting a fairly high number of data packets over a single wavefront means that it is capable of achieving higher performance.

One of the features of this latest WiFi version is TWT or Target Wake Time. It communicates with devices connected to the WiFi access point. This feature allows the WiFi radio to operate on that particular device and always keep that WiFi radio in sleep mode. It also shows that the WiFi version protects the battery life of the devices better than the other WiFi versions. This feature will be very important for IoT devices.

Usually, when a large number of devices are connected to the same WiFi access point, it is common for a WiFi connection to slow down. But with a large number of devices connected to the access point, the WiFi version is technologically advanced enough to provide high-speed WiFi to all devices.

So considering these facts, it is clear that WiFi 6 is ready to provide us with very good service.

What is the process of WiFi 6 like?

This latest WiFi version can split a wireless channel into several sub-channels. This allows you to transmit data to each device across each sub-channel. This is done through a technology called Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access. Also, the WiFi versions used so far have access to the same devices at the same time, but a large number of devices are not able to respond at the same time. MIMO, or Multiple In / Multiple Out technologies, which is used in WiFi 6.

How long will it take to use WiFi 6?

According to available information, the WiFi 6 version will be finalized and the related devices will be released soon. Soon we will have great internet experience with WiFi 6.

With another article, we will meet again. Till then don't forget to share this knowledge with others as well… 

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