Are you safe within the Internet?

Nowadays, the Internet has become almost indispensable. Almost everyone connects with the internet today.  But have you ever thought whether you are safe or not within the internet?  Have you thought about your privacy?  Do you know how many ways there on the internet that can track and steal your data while you are using the Internet?

What is this privacy?

Simply privacy means our personality. It can be your full name, age, contact details, your interests, passwords &, etc.

Now, what do you think they're to be stolen from you, and why does it matter when they stole them?  Even if you are not worthy, you are worthy many respective companies. What I mean is, all the things that you do within the Internet are being tracked and gathered from the relevant companies and they sell them to other companies for cash.  So those companies track you and make a lot of money with your private information. If someone gives you a free service, don't think that it's totally free and that you're not giving them anything; you are giving them money from the behind of your eyes.

Okay! So what are the companies doing with the data they steal from us or buy from a company that steals them? Actually the fact is that they are collecting your data from you and collecting your tastes /interests and use them for advertising purposes. They make huge money from the ad services or services you buy through them.

Put this simple! The companies that track you make money by selling the data they gather. The companies that buy those data make money from selling their products to you. Finally, it looks like you were sold. You are the victim here. Do you understand why they are collecting data like this? So is this data worth it?

We all now live in the information age. What does that mean? Data is the most valuable thing in the world right now. They can change the world or whatever they want. If you look at the history of what was once the most valuable thing in the world, gold could change the world. Also, diamonds once had an era of arms trading, and they were able to control the world. It was only till World War II that power began to wane. And then, the information age we are in today began in the year 2000. Developing gradually, data trading has become the world's most important trade.

Who tracks us like this?

What if we say that it's the companies that serve you most of the services that you trust and use?

Yes, when you are using the Internet, you are most likely to be tracked by Google, Facebook, and Adobe.

So among them, Google is the company that tracks you the most, which provide many free services to you.  Google Search Engine Service is at the forefront of this.  In addition to this service, Google also tracks you when you use other services as well.

So how can you find out whether they exactly do track your data? Let me give you a simple example. You better search for something on Google now. Then you go to Facebook and Instagram to see how many ads are relevant to what you searched for. This is how social media platforms show you relevant ads to what you search in Google. All these happen within milliseconds even before you begin to think about this.

So what are the alternative search engines?

You can use Microsoft's Bing service instead.  But using it is not a 100% effective solution. But comparatively, it tracks your data less than Google. is also a good search engine that tracks so less about you. It sounds a bit unfamiliar. But this site is the best search engine available to protect your privacy from being tracked. They do not give information to any organization about anything you are looking for on that website. So if you want to understand this better, you should search something on that website and log in to your social networking site. It doesn't show any ads related to what you looked for like google does.  DuckDuckGo is a not-for-profit organization. So they don't do anything for profit. So they don't need your data.

So if you use these you can protect your privacy to some extent.

And the web browser we use is also one of the best ways of tracking us. Our browser hero is at the forefront of that. Yeah, it's Google Chrome. Why did I call him a hero?  It's because most people use this browser. I agree that Chrome is a well-developed web browser. But it's a tracking king at the same time. Yes, it is the browser that tracks you the most. Even its diagonal track us in a considerable way. Although it is the most popular browser, I'd suggest staying as far away from the Chrome browser as much as possible if you want to save your privacy. And also, it is not specially needed to say about it's a RAM Usage. So, chrome is not the best and the last option you have got.

What other browsers can you use instead?

Most browsers today are based on the Chromium open-source project. That means there are a lot of chromium-based browsers in the industry. Something like Edge, Opera, etc can be suggested as much better browsers to use.

I think the browsers built based on this open-source project are not as harmless as Chrome. And the source code can be reduced to Google because they can customize their source code. But Google doesn't know what to do, and other companies like Microsoft Edge can keep track of it, and Microsoft has information. That's not confirmed yet. However, I would suggest you switch to a browser built by a non-profit organization like DuckDuckGo.  Because they don't expect a huge income, so they neither want your data stolen.

The Mozilla Firefox browser is a well-known browser. This is a good web browser to protect your privacy. The Firefox browser is still very popular, but over the years many people have forgotten it. When it comes to the security of information, you can greatly protect your privacy with the Firefox browser.


So, this is all for today. Although you think simple about the internet and your privacy there are many companies spend dollars to gather those private data. So it's better to avoid those risky things and keep your data protected. Hope this article is helpful for anyone. So please share this article among your friends and let them also learn about these so that they can save their privacy just like we do.

Thank you...


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