A Solution from Google to Diagnose Cancer…

Cancer is one of the mostly being talked diseases of recent times, and it is a disease that many young and old suffer from. Cancer can lead to ambush even by specialists. This is why technology can be valued as an important step towards bringing relief to humanity.

Google has introduced software that can be used to diagnose cancer. It is called as "Google's SMILY". The method being used by doctors today, to identify cancer cells is by examining tissues using microscopes. Doctors are trying to determine whether the tumor is a cancerous cell or it is a healthy cell. According to that, they decide whether the patient is suffering from cancer or not. It can take some time to finalize the results/ the conclusion of the process. So it can lead to a delay in the treatments for the patient.

But Google's SMILY software, developed by Reverse Image Search, compares patient samples with images of previously infected tissue samples to determine if they are healthy or not. The doctor inserts the high-resolution images of the patient's tissues into the system and examines whether the tissue is infected with cancer. Pre-trained with the use of images of most cancer-causing tissues, the software compares the new image to the system using machine learning and draws the conclusion.

Once the image of the tissue sample is inserted into the system, the doctor should mark the tissue sample and begin the comparison. All images with similar features appear side by side and the doctor can check them one by one. By repeatedly checking for signs of morphological similarities and other factors that may have contributed to the disease, passengers are able to draw more conclusions.

After using this system, the doctors said that it is more suitable for diagnosis and that it is easier to come to conclusions in a short time than standard tests and its accuracy is very high.

However, since the diagnosis is directly related to the patient's life, it is still in the testing stage and inspectors say it will take some time to begin using it as usual.

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